Interview with Art therapist Eileen P. McGann

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Lucia Šimončičová


The first time I came across Eileen McGann was through reading her fascinating article about her art therapy practice with adolescents who had been victims of racism called ”˜Color Me Beautiful: Racism, Identity Formation, and Art Therapy’. I got an opportunity to translate this article and publish it in the Czech Art Therapy magazine Arteterapie. Some time later, we got a chance to meet personally, in Ireland, and discuss her special art therapy approach that focuses on a symbolic visual communication of the therapist with the client, coming from the client’s imagery. In October 2013, I co organized an International Art Therapy Conference in Slovakia ”˜Overall Care of Children in a School Setting’ and we invited Eileen McGann as the main speaker. She introduced her special approach there, which received enthusiastic feedback from people attending the conference.

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