Book Review. Art Therapy in the Early Years: Therapeutic Interventions With Infants, Toddlers and Their families. Eds. Julia Meyerowitz-Katz and Dean Reddick, Routledge 2017

Beth Hoyes


When working in an infant school a couple of years ago, I often felt in need of some further reading on art therapy with this age group. I always found it surprising that this area had not been covered more fully within art therapy literature up to this point. With this in mind I feel this much needed book is a very welcome arrival. The book is a well-woven and diverse collection of current practice in art therapy with very young children and their families. Whilst reading the book I often found myself drawn to thinking about my work with older children, parents and carers in a primary school, and my work with young people as well. The formative early years shape so much of our internal worlds and relationships with others that I feel the experiences from these years are often met in different layers and forms within the therapy room, despite the client’s physical age. 

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