Art work and statement

Paul Simmans


Personal statement

Born 1957 Manchester, UK. Lived in St Al bans since 1970. St udied architecture at The Bartlett, University College London. Followed by a breakdown. Since then I have found it difficult to be motivat ed and have felt anxious among crowds. Married in 1986. Have 3 children. Divorced in 2000. At this point I lost my job in architecture, was made homeless and was left with very little. In 2002 I was persuaded by my psychiatrist to try Art Therapy, which continued until 2007. By 2003 I felt improved enough to start art day classes at the University of Hertfordshire. Sold pieces in a gal lery and to acquaintances. Now able to regularly visit exhibitions and galleries in London. This is an amazing experience. I have always been a late developer and my Art Therapist provided me with the space, time and materials to develop at my own speed. I now see art as very important in my life and am grateful for the help that I have received.

Artist statement

As an architectural student I recall being advised to ”˜keep it simple’. I was very fond of designs by Aldo Rossi. O.M.Unger s, Palladio, Speer. My work would use a module and slot in varied accommodat ion behind a rationalist stone or brick façade. I paid special attention to the proportions. The counterpoint would be landscaping similar to a traditional Japanese garden. I have developed these ideas in my art. Fractals, chaos theory and textile design fascinate me. I work with the Collagraph printing techniqu e. Plates are made by dipping stamps in glue and then pressing them onto a Perspex sheet. I sprinkle carborundum dust onto the wet glue. This I do while standing. Stencils are scattered on the plate before it goes through the press. My pictures try to evoke city plans, people seen from above and skin patterns but not to imitate life. Each print is unique, reflects a mood and is intended to work with the viewer’s imagination.

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