Interview with Art Therapist Gussie P. Klorer

Lucia Šimončičová


I firstly came across Dr. Klorer's work when researching the theme focused on implementation of attachment theory into art therapy practice. I read her chapter called 'Expressive Therapy for Severe Maltreatment and Attachment Disorders: A Neuroscience Framework' that was published in Malchiodi's book 'Creative Interventions with Traumatized Children'. I found her art therapy approach in work with traumatized children and those with attachment difficulties very inspiring. I later translated and published this article in Czech art therapy magazine. I also asked the author, if she would like to share her precious clinical experience with me by participating in my research interviews for my Master's thesis 'Attachment Focused Art Therapy with Adolescent Clients' and that is how the interview was born. It was conducted via a Skype call, on 21 February 2012. Since I was thrilled by the interview outcome, I felt that I do not want to keep it just for myself. I would also like to share it with others who may be interested in attachment focused art therapy practice. I myself edited and abbreviated the original interview in cooperation with the author.

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