Therapeutic Self-Portraiture: finding a sense of self during the Pandemic

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Daria Klima


With the beginning of the pandemic regular mode of living and doing things have significantly shifted from familiar to unrecognisable. For months we have been unlearning to trust the touch of our loved ones, and even our own skin. News flooded  in often confusing us with contradicting information and overwhelming data. The infection curve had  become an inverse graph of our mood – when it went up our mood collapsed, when it started to decline – we gained hope. Symptoms were appearing and disappearing making it difficult to listen to our own body – is it a bit of a sore throat or something worse? Adaptation in a world under constant change has never been an easy task, however, trying to function under the permanent threat of contamination has rendered that challenge wearing. 


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Open Dialogue: Covid-19, Creativity or Collapse?