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Dr. Robin Tipple


This issue of ATOL is given over to the publication of the conference proceedings from the conference ‘Finding Spaces, Making Places – Exploring social and cultural space in contemporary Art Therapy practice’ held at Goldsmiths, University of London 13th April 2016 to 16th April 2016.

This conference builds on the previous international conference, ‘Finding a voice, Making your Mark’ held at Goldsmiths in April 2013 [see ATOL 5 (1) 2014], which sought to explore the boundaries of art therapy practice.  The organisers were interested in the differences and commonalities in the practices that are called Art Therapy.  As well as exploring the effects that ideologies had on the core values of the profession, there was also a desire, in the conference, to explore the creation of contexts, spaces and places where clients can be seen and understood, where what is made can be explored.

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