Keynote Speeches by Grayson Perry and Patrick Casement Edited by Dr Robin Tipple

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Grayson Perry
Patrick Casement
Edited by Dr. Robin Tipple


Grayson Perry 

Dr Jill Westwood introduced the delegates to Grayson Perry.  She drew attention to the work that Grayson had produced, and his observations, all of which she felt had “extraordinary reach”. In his making of pots, pictures, books, dresses, tapestries, motorbikes and now houses, Grayson draws on autobiography, works with the emotional and with the experience of psychotherapy. Grayson was also the winner of two BAFTA awards for his TV programmes presenting social and art-driven observations on class, taste, culture gender and identity.  Addressing Grayson Jill said “You are in a unique position….and we are very happy for you, who is mischievous at the centre, to connect to us who is mildly maverick on the margins”.

Grayson shared his creative journey through slides, talk and discussion with the conference delegates.  He explored identity and the development of a sense of self.  He emphasised the way in which the material culture provided support for self explorations and expression.  He gave an account of journeys he had made and the inspiration that he gained from exchanges with others.  Learning from others, Grayson suggested, was central to his understanding of creativity, a creativity which he felt was also central to the therapeutic endeavour.  


Patrick Casement

Dr Robin Tipple introduced the delegates to the psychoanalyst Patrick Casement, author of Learning from the Patient (1985), Further learning from the patient (1990), and Learning from mistakes (2002), the later receiving a Gradiva award for its contribution to psychoanalysis.  Robin felt that all these books together represented psychoanalysis at its best, a psychotherapy that was not dogmatic, but open and honest in relation to communication with the patient.  He said that the books were formative in developing his own therapeutic practices, and he was delighted when Patrick agreed to speak at the conference. Robin ended his introduction by observing how Patrick, in his youth, developed an extraordinary ability in diving, in plumbing the depths and holding his breath. 

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