Singapore – London, Intersubjective Discoveries: An Intercultural Experience Between Two Art Therapy Training Programmes Using An Art-Based Approach

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Ronald Lay
Lesley Morris
Emylia Safian
Jill Westwood


This paper examines the reflection on artwork created by four educators, of two postgraduate art psychotherapy training programmes from two distinct cultural and geographic parts of the world, the UK and Singapore, during an overseas student trip. This trip was part of a partnership activity between institutions to develop an intercultural experience between staff and students of both places. A research frame was conceived to support the aims of the encounter to raise awareness of intercultural issues and themes to inform the teaching and learning -and- the theory and practice of art therapy in the contexts of Singapore and London. The purposeful image reflection led to dialogue relating to training practices and pedagogy, intercultural awareness and insight, and ways to enhance a sustaining collaborative relationship between the two programmes. The student trip was rich and holds great possibility for further investigation into culture and, indeed, into finding spaces and making places. Through images we will present some reflections and insights, including the directions for this exploratory research project.

Keywords: Art therapy, training, intersubjectivity, intercultural, Singapore, London 

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