Art Therapy Large Group

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Sally Skaife
Robin Tipple
with contributions from Oihika Chakrabarti, Sue Curtis, Tsun-Wei Lily Hsu, Dr Tae Jung Park and Francesca La Nave


We, the conference organisers, hoped the provision of an Art Therapy Large Group (ATLG) for the conference on each of the three days, would give delegates the opportunity to explore, through the use of art, performance and dialogue, their experiences of the conference and the dynamics that arise in a large group. We had run an ATLG at our first art therapy conference (Finding a voice, making your mark: defining art therapy for the 21st century) in 2013, and hoped there might be some continuity between the first and second ATLG, a development of the dialogue of word, performance and image through time. 

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Conference Art Therapy Large Group (ATLG)