Book Review. Forensic Arts Therapies: Anthology of Practice and Research. Edited by Kate Rothwell

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Ronald P.M.H. Lay


Intrigued by the title, Forensic Arts Therapies: Anthology of Practice and Research, impressed with the formation of the Forensic Arts Therapies Advisory Group (FATAG), and inspired by the aspirations of this group of dedicated arts therapists, I readily immersed myself into this edited text. There are contributions by art therapists, dance movement therapists, drama therapists and music therapists. Cross-discipline collaboration, showcasing how these modalities can successfully work together and how these can promote therapeutic work with complex forensic populations, are included and serve to further model best practices. Given the range of perspectives, contexts and ways of working, as positioned by each of the arts therapist contributor, this book is an informed culmination of practical, insightful and useful information, and is seamlessly sewn together by its editor, Kate Rothwell.

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