Interview, Statement, Artwork


  • Maria Anwander


Influenced by conceptual art my works are established between the fields of performative and installation art.

By availing different kinds of artistic media, including photography, video and sculpture my work mainly questions authenticity of artworks and the gap between the art-market and the artist as its potential participator. Instead of giving refined didactic answers my work shows the formal process of my investigations. Memories and archives in the form of text, which by its anticipation evokes images in the viewers”˜ mind, build one important part of my work. A second part builds simple interventions in ordinary items to detach them from their original context and to allow the recipient a different point of view.

My latest works deal with issues of collecting, ownership and authorship. Hereby I’m highly interested in the creation of notional images by removing other already existing images. The dematerialization and deconstruction of images into pure descriptions of themselves and vice versa is part of my deliberations.