Connecticity, Augmented Perception of the City + Interview, Statement, Artwork


  • Salvatore Iaconesi
  • Oriana Persico


We constantly re-interpret and transform the spaces around us.

The ways in which we constantly personalize the spaces which we traverse and in which we perform our daily routines communicate information about emotions, knowledge, skills, methodologies, cultures and desires.

This process takes place in digital realms as well, which start to ubiquitously merge with cities.

Mobile devices, smartphones, wearables, digital tags, near field communication devices, location based services and mixed/augmented reality have turned the world into an essentially read/write, ubiquitous publishing surface.

The usage of mobile devices and ubiquitous technologies alters the understanding of place.

In our research, we investigated the possibilities to conceptualize, design and implement a series of usage scenarios, moving fluidly across arts, sciences and the practices of city governance and community design.

The objective we set forth sees the creation of multiple, stratified narratives onto the city, set in place by citizens, organizations and administrations.