Untitled & Phoebe Hui in conversation with Jonathan Munro


  • Phoebe Hui


“If space is infinite, we are anywhere, at any point in space.” [1] (Borges, 1998, 91). If thinking is infinite, we may never stop sprouting thoughts. The main focus of this essay is the study of sonic art and to develop the new relationship between images and sounds. Instead of betraying the nature of thinking as a continuous motion, I decided to write in the same way as the mind thinks rather than disguised in any particular formation. I would consider the following blocks or texts or nodes or branches or sub-maps (whatever you like to call them) as a portrait that captures my ephemeral thoughts in a non-linear manner, in an effort to preserve their singular fluidity. Also, I would like to stress that the viewpoints here should not be perceived as something eternal, it should rather be considered as potential elements that enable further constructive conversation and possible trajectories for us to explore Sonic art.