Geometry: Félicie d’Estienne d’Orves in conversation with Claire Le Gouellec


  • Félicie d’Estienne d’Orves


Geometry is a kinetic installation which is made up of two masts, on the top of which rotating mirrors are located. The mirrors are programmed to move together in synchrony. This movement creates a rhythm of different positions. The pre programmed mirror blades turn on horizontal axis and in so doing create geometrical movement. The reflection of the sky in the mirror blades and the movement of the sculpture itself creates different kinetic effects according to the time of the day and season. 

At the fall of night the signal is reinforced through projections of laser light from the horizontal mast. Laser lines are projected from the Watermans building onto the horizontal mast and reflected from the surface of the sky. The programming of the movement of the sculpture means that geometrical forms are created and reach into the sky.  

The installation diffuses both strong and weak light impulses into its surroundings. The installation uses light as a means of communication and is inspired by  such communication devices as light houses, military signal lights and the Morse code. The interplay of the different movements of the sculpture create a symbolic language of communication between the sculpture and the viewer.