Telematic Touch and Go


  • Ellen Pearlman
  • Newman Lau
  • Kenny Lozowski


Visual art, gesture, and sonic representations are translated into hybridized data combinations over a high-speed telematic research network to produce new modes of physical interaction and perception in a remixed mash-up video seven thousand miles away. They used the technologies of motion capture, data mapping, and visual effects in VDMX and MAX/MsP/VIZZIE.

A 12-camera EvArt infrared motion capture technology in Hong Kong tracked two dancer’s movements (X, Y and Z positions). The Y positions were sent over the network via osC. Mapping and motion in one location (ToUCH) sent over the network produced visual effects thousands of miles away almost in real time (AND Go). This sets a paradigm for augmented forms of performative and public interactivity in newly emerging parameters both for entertainment and artistic means.