Changing the Game: Towards an ”˜Internet of Praxis’


  • Bill Balaskas


There is a new spectre haunting the art world. Not surprisingly, it has been put forward in recent arti- cles, panel discussions and books as the ”˜ism’ that could, possibly, best describe the current disposi- tions of contemporary art. The name of the spectre is “post-internet art.” [1] Unlike, however, its counter- part that was released in the world by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in 1848, [2] this contemporary spectre has not arrived in order to axiomatically change the established order of things; conceivably, it has arrived in order to support it.

  1. The term ”˜post-internet art’ is attributed to artist Marisa Olson. See Gene McHugh, Post Internet (Brescia: LINK Editions), 5.
  2. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels published The Manifesto of the Communist Party in London, on February 21, 1848.