AVVX: A Vector Graphics Tool For Audiovisual Performances


  • Nuno N. Correia


This paper presents AVVX (AudioVisual Vector eXchange), a tool for live visuals and audiovisual performances developed by Nuno N. Correia. AVVX aims to answer the following question: how to design a tool for live visuals, allowing for the quick development of graphic materials, with open standards, and using the Internet as a resource for content exchange? The paper contextualizes the tool with related works, and with past projects from the author. The paper then presents the motivation for the creation of the tool, the design decisions behind it, and its development process. The main motivation for the creation of AVVX was the opportunity to teach a live visuals workshop in Ljubljana in June 2012, which had as outcomes an audiovisual performance and a VJ (Video Jockey / live visuals) performance. The author decided to focus AVVX on vector graphics manipulation. AVVX was released online as free and open-source software. A community website was built to share the content created for AVVX (AVVX.org). The paper also briefly discusses the operation of the tool. The workshop and its outcomes are then described. Two performances by the participants followed the workshop. After the workshop and the performances, the participants answered an online questionnaire, aiming to evaluate their experience with AVVX. The paper presents the results of this questionnaire. Conclusions are then reached based on these results, in addition to the author’s experience as workshop teacher and AVVX designer. Paths for future developments are discussed.