Current Issue

International Conference of Students of Systematic Musicology

Published: 2015-01-13

The auditory temporal attending theory revisited

Anna-Katharina R. Bauer, Manuela Jaeger, Jeremy D. Thorne, Stefan Debener

Rhythmic entrainment, syncopation and pleasantness

Julian Céspedes-Guevara, Nicola Dibben, Maria A. G. Witek

Musical communication of flutists in ensemble performance

Thais Fernandes Santos, Aluizio Barbosa De Oliveira Neto, Mauricio Alves Loureiro

Harmonic factors of melodic stability in oral transmission

Berit Janssen, Peter van Kranenburg, Henkjan Honing

The Relax in Pregnancy Project

Chineze Nwebube, Lauren Stewart, Vivette Glover

Stochastic Modeling of Expressiveness: Representing the Temporal Evolution of the Descriptors Using HMM

Gabriel Pereira Pezzini, Thiago A. M. Campolina, Maurício Álves Loureiro

The effect of musical training on auditory grouping

Sarah Sauve, Lauren Stewart, Marcus Pearce

The role of attention in the perception of music structure

Jordan B. L. Smith, Elaine Chew, Marcus T. Pearce
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